The future of agriculture and especially of our heritage breeds of livestock rests with our youth. This program is a way of enabling youth to experience the joys and responsibilities of conserving heritage wool sheep breeds. It is a way of introducing the breeds to individuals who otherwise might never know about them or get involved with them.

The Youth Conservation Program was established in 1998 when Richard and Donna Larson gave one aspiring young shepherd a Registered Karakul ewe. The program has grown over the years. In 2012, seventeen heritage breed sheep will be awarded to a new group of aspiring young shepherds.

2013 Awards

The following sheep will be awarded at the
2013 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival on May 4, 2013:

Blueface Leicester
Border Leicester
Hog Island
Leicester Longwool
Navajo Churro
Scottish Blackface
Shetland (3)

We hope to add more breeds to this list. Check back often.

To apply, see Application, Rules & Regulations.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


2011 Awards

The following sheep were awarded at the 2011 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival:

Blueface Leicester     Josiah Manning
Border Leicester     Heidi Barkley
Cotswold     Angelyn Brown
Finn     Natasha Stallsmith
Hog Island (2)     Trevor Keener & Edmund Coleman
Jacob     Jodi Hibbard
Karakul (2)     Katie Anderson & Omar Wahdan
Leicester Longwool     Matthew Bishop
Lincoln     Kallan Latham
Scottish Blackface     William Jones
Shetland (2)     Patrick Cuthbertson & Laura Dutton
Soay     Lynora Stallsmith
Tunis     Matthew Jones

Congratulations to all of the new 2011 recipients.  We hope you are all enjoying your new sheep.

Please take lots of pictures for next year's slide show.

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